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Jason Health helps its customers to order lab tests in the quickest and lowest cost way. People are free to order lab tests without insurance or doctor requisition.

Our website makes lab testing as easy as its possible. A convenient search will help to find all tests needed in a matter of several clicks. For the first time, ordering process will take a few minutes. The only thing a customer needs to do is go to a testing site for a blood draw. The results will be delivered online securely.
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How it works?
The process of ordering lab tests and getting lab results is easy and quick.
1 Choose lab tests you are interested in by using search box on the top of the main page. Choose one test, several lab tests or test panels and add them to your cart by clicking "Buy Now" button. Note, you do not need a requisition from your doctor to order lab tests from us.
2 Proceed to checkout page. Choose a medical laboratory where you would prefer to visit for a blood draw.
3 After the lab is chosen, put your personal and payment information to proceed and confirm your order. We will need this information in the future to have an ability to send you lab tests results online.
4 Visit a laboratory site at the time you chose. Lab specialists will draw your blood and perform the tests.
5 Get your lab test results online within 1-3 days.
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Search through multiple tests or test panels
Prices and test information are correct and up to date
Different direct access testing cost options
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About us

Jason Health provides a convenient, confidential and reliable way for to get lab tests without visiting a doctor. Our 1800+ labs are convenient and located in every major city. Receive your results online in 1-3 days.

Medical laboratory testing is a valuable and effective tool for preventing or detecting diseases. We provide our customers with the lowest cost lab tests, so you can save up to 80% on the testing. Medical insurance is not necessary for purchasing lab tests at Jason Health, testing is affordable and accessible in now in most states.

You will save money on doctor visits, because there is no need to get a requisition form your physician prior to testing. After blood work is done, we will provide lab results directly to you online.

Jason Health is HIPAA compliant, which means your personal data is secured and confidential.

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